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So much has happened since the last time I’ve been on my blog.  I definitely should be blogging more at this point in my life.  I’m sure you’d love  hear all about my experiences lol. Well one huge change is im pregnant with my 3rd child.  It’s a girl this time.  Thank God!  For those that don’t know me I have 2 boys already ages 9 and 4.  So I’m super excited.  Other things that have gone on since I’ve been not blogging is I tried to go vegan… epic fail!!! I will do a seperate blog about that experience later… I’ve just been doing alot of soul searching and finding myself really.  Yes I still do reiki. Occasionally.  I’m so not a routine person.  Anything that feels like a job I don’t want to do it.  That’s an honest truth I will admit about myself, I bore easily.  Parenting has all of a sudden gotten harder by the way.  Over last couple of months I’ve been struggling with the boys getting into trouble and not knowing what to do to fix it.  Taking privileges away clearly doesn’t work.  Kids now days seems like nothing phases them.  Losing friends and loved ones has seem to be a theme.  Been a lonely journey really.  Seems like when you are growing its inevitable to lose a few people. Well that pretty much all the news that I have so far! Ill give detailed stories a little later!  Peace and Love!




I keep hearing this saying let go… it’s so simple yet so hard. How do we let go of old hurts and pains?  How do move forward? Something I learned today was the art of letting go.. facing fears and giving responsibility back to the owner which is the person who caused the hurt. I never thought of this until today. I have a list of people I need to return their crap too.. I’m way to tired to keep carrying everyone’s baggage and probelms. It’s time to free myself! I plan on doing this via meditation. . Letter and burning or actual conversation… looking forward to healing!

This photo says alot! Honestly we are responsible for filling the gaps in our lives… Rather body mind or spirit.  This is a beautiful representation of on taking ownership of where they are stepping up to the challenges presented.. what better way to say I’m taking charge. No all the pieces aren’t here to my life but I’m making a piece out of something I do have.. that’s accountability. That’s huge. Things change when we are accountable…. make life what you want it to be… things are perfect but they can be more beautiful than imagined.

Here lately I’ve been struggling to release mine. Rather it be hurtful situations or people who have wronged me someway or another I’ve been clinching to all of these situations really tightly.  I’ve discovered that the past is a very poisonous thing to hold on to. The reason why is because it stops your momentum. It’s almost like one stops living. It steals your joy and life and causes turmoil in relationships.  The inner turmoil then spreads to other parts of life creating more dysfunction.  At first I couldn’t figure out how to release the past and I grew beyond frustrated.  Truth is it is perception on it that must change. We must accept the difficult parts of life with open arms and love before things will change. So for me will embracing my journey to move forward by writing about it. Reading affirmations and remembering the importance of the lessons learned.  That is the only way to move forward. This is a day by day journey. Some things that aided me in releasing the past were things that resonate with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is all about compassion, forgivness and unconditional love. I bought stones that resonate with that chakra. For example I purchased rhodonite, apache tears, and rose quartz. These stones carry the vibrations of forgiveness and love and moving on. I take detox rose petal baths which open the heart chakras.  These are some of the useful tools I use when I’m feeling stuck in the past for resentment for things or people.  The beat way to change how you think is to create affirmations.  Say them everyday until it’s embedded in to your subconscious.  

With love I release the past. I forgive myself and others for anything that may have disturbed me emotionally.

Feel free to make your  affirmations as they for your situation. 


Today I want to talk about personal power.  It’s something that many people give away to ideals, religion and etc.  What many people don’t realize is that whatever it is that you want to accomplish can be done all within self.  If we give power to other things outside of self our confidence, and will diminishes.  With the change of thoughts and actions a dynamic life can be created.  We are the creator of our lives and our destines are in our hands.  Growing up I was taught that life was predestined and controlled by someone higher than me.  Once I became enlightened and understood the true concept of God and the Universe and that how I am provided that same “power”.  We are capable of change when we realize we have the power to do so.  Codependency is another “self limiter”.  How can you overcome any personal power issues?  The best way is to resonate with the energy center the solar plexus.  The solar plexus is the second charka in the sequence of 7.  The color that represents the solar plexus is yellow.  The solar plexus represents the ego, identity, ambition, relationship with self.  The location on the body is right below the navel.  When out of balance there will be problems with self esteem, self respect, digestive issues, fear of being over powered.  Some ways to get your solar plexus balanced is to eat yellow foods such as bananas, lemons, and carry stones that promote healing for solar plexus.  Some examples of stones are Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Amber.  Remember you are in charge of your destiny!  Only you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be.  Solar Plexus Pic

Okay so the first half of my day was spent moping over what all went wrong this morning. From kids not listening to dealing with eczema flair ups and a witty convo with husband I found myself getting angry.  Now I work with energy (Reiki Practirioner)and I’m used to being balanced. Today I learned that things will never be perfect no matter how much one wants to be in their head.  Not possible. The key to dealing with the frustrating moments is to not dwell forever. Take your time feel things out understand your emotions and put them in balance again.  Now anger and frustration is held in the root chakra. So I simply just bought some watermelon to help balance it. I’ve also laughed with coworkers, got to get out in the sunshine and actually had time to think about how I wanted to end my day. We are always in control of how our day turns out. The world is full of problems that cause unhappiness.. create your own peace of mind because it won’t exist anywhere if not in you!

How silly this title must sound. How will writing out the life you want make it happen?!
1. Writing things down gives you insight on what exactly it is that you want. How can you make anything happen if you aren’t even clear on what it is you want to happen?
2. In the magic world intention is everything. Your thoughts, feelings, intent or wishes hold much power. Putting a pen to paper, writing and then actually thinking about what you want is like a 3 in 1 process. You may not think it is work, but you are putting energy into everything you do that involves kinetic energy, inertia etc.
3. Writing things down sends a message to the Universe, God or whatever it is you believe in that hey this is what i want. As long as your energy levels are vibrating on the same page you will get exactly what you ask for. Meditate on what it is you want. Visualize the things that you write down and you will have them.

Easy as pie!!



Dear abandonment… self love.. loneliness.. lack of self control balance and freedom.. over thinking.. self preservation,

I do acknowledge that you exist. I am afraid that you will over take me and I want nothing more than you to help me become a better me. I really have enjoyed our time together and you have shown and taught me so much. Your existence has brought me to higher levels than I have ever thought I could reach. Sometimes the relationship between things are just for learning and growing. Promise to never forget the lessons we have shared. It will be my inspiration to help others who have had the same issues as me. See you can still be very powerful by showing others how to overcome the fears you present to them. You will always have a vital role in preparing people to have a fearless life and at the same time keep your tough reputation. I will always reflect back to the strong holds you have had over me for many years only to realize that you needed to be nurtured and told that someone cares and someone to notice how valuable you are. Your value is way more than any words could describe. You are the gateway between true freedom, happiness and hell. Gatekeeper. It is my time to pass through.

xoxo- Mia

Sometimes we don’t give trust within ourselves enough to know what’s real and what’s not. Fear somehow always creeps in and colors a different picture.  No matter the circumstances our true nature will always prevail. When you remove fear our opportunities become limitless and I do mean no limits. Fear is the number one source of self destruction. It will not show truth only what you are afraid of. 
To understand your true nature you have to will need to know what you desire out of life. Once you find purpose you have a blueprint.    When I think of my true nature I think of it as what I desire to be. Such as if money weren’t a factor what gives me happiness, what makes life worth it.   The thing about that desire is that you are already just what think you want to become.   You have the tools to operate in your true nature.  You just have to align and figure out what you are building.   We are in control of our destiny by our thoughts and the vibrations we give off.   Your true nature is the real you. We often get this mixed up with things that have stuck to our implicit memory such as traumatizing events in life etc, which is only for your self development. What you’ve been through does not defined you. We are entities of good because we were created in God’s image.    To bring about this alignment of true purpose one must understand that God is everywhere and in everything. Everything is interdependent and that positivity prevails. Train your mind to be that of which you are seeking. Understand the laws of attraction. Take actions one day at a time of that which you already are.  Do more of the things you love… inspire someone. Do good.. we all have good nature… too much of the bad just clouds the vision.