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I keep hearing this saying let go… it’s so simple yet so hard. How do we let go of old hurts and pains?  How do move forward? Something I learned today was the art of letting go.. facing fears and giving responsibility back to the owner which is the person who caused the hurt. I never thought of this until today. I have a list of people I need to return their crap too.. I’m way to tired to keep carrying everyone’s baggage and probelms. It’s time to free myself! I plan on doing this via meditation. . Letter and burning or actual conversation… looking forward to healing!


This photo says alot! Honestly we are responsible for filling the gaps in our lives… Rather body mind or spirit.  This is a beautiful representation of on taking ownership of where they are stepping up to the challenges presented.. what better way to say I’m taking charge. No all the pieces aren’t here to my life but I’m making a piece out of something I do have.. that’s accountability. That’s huge. Things change when we are accountable…. make life what you want it to be… things are perfect but they can be more beautiful than imagined.