Okay so the first half of my day was spent moping over what all went wrong this morning. From kids not listening to dealing with eczema flair ups and a witty convo with husband I found myself getting angry.  Now I work with energy (Reiki Practirioner)and I’m used to being balanced. Today I learned that things will never be perfect no matter how much one wants to be in their head.  Not possible. The key to dealing with the frustrating moments is to not dwell forever. Take your time feel things out understand your emotions and put them in balance again.  Now anger and frustration is held in the root chakra. So I simply just bought some watermelon to help balance it. I’ve also laughed with coworkers, got to get out in the sunshine and actually had time to think about how I wanted to end my day. We are always in control of how our day turns out. The world is full of problems that cause unhappiness.. create your own peace of mind because it won’t exist anywhere if not in you!