How silly this title must sound. How will writing out the life you want make it happen?!
1. Writing things down gives you insight on what exactly it is that you want. How can you make anything happen if you aren’t even clear on what it is you want to happen?
2. In the magic world intention is everything. Your thoughts, feelings, intent or wishes hold much power. Putting a pen to paper, writing and then actually thinking about what you want is like a 3 in 1 process. You may not think it is work, but you are putting energy into everything you do that involves kinetic energy, inertia etc.
3. Writing things down sends a message to the Universe, God or whatever it is you believe in that hey this is what i want. As long as your energy levels are vibrating on the same page you will get exactly what you ask for. Meditate on what it is you want. Visualize the things that you write down and you will have them.

Easy as pie!!