Dear abandonment… self love.. loneliness.. lack of self control balance and freedom.. over thinking.. self preservation,

I do acknowledge that you exist. I am afraid that you will over take me and I want nothing more than you to help me become a better me. I really have enjoyed our time together and you have shown and taught me so much. Your existence has brought me to higher levels than I have ever thought I could reach. Sometimes the relationship between things are just for learning and growing. Promise to never forget the lessons we have shared. It will be my inspiration to help others who have had the same issues as me. See you can still be very powerful by showing others how to overcome the fears you present to them. You will always have a vital role in preparing people to have a fearless life and at the same time keep your tough reputation. I will always reflect back to the strong holds you have had over me for many years only to realize that you needed to be nurtured and told that someone cares and someone to notice how valuable you are. Your value is way more than any words could describe. You are the gateway between true freedom, happiness and hell. Gatekeeper. It is my time to pass through.

xoxo- Mia