Sometimes we don’t give trust within ourselves enough to know what’s real and what’s not. Fear somehow always creeps in and colors a different picture.  No matter the circumstances our true nature will always prevail. When you remove fear our opportunities become limitless and I do mean no limits. Fear is the number one source of self destruction. It will not show truth only what you are afraid of. 
To understand your true nature you have to will need to know what you desire out of life. Once you find purpose you have a blueprint.    When I think of my true nature I think of it as what I desire to be. Such as if money weren’t a factor what gives me happiness, what makes life worth it.   The thing about that desire is that you are already just what think you want to become.   You have the tools to operate in your true nature.  You just have to align and figure out what you are building.   We are in control of our destiny by our thoughts and the vibrations we give off.   Your true nature is the real you. We often get this mixed up with things that have stuck to our implicit memory such as traumatizing events in life etc, which is only for your self development. What you’ve been through does not defined you. We are entities of good because we were created in God’s image.    To bring about this alignment of true purpose one must understand that God is everywhere and in everything. Everything is interdependent and that positivity prevails. Train your mind to be that of which you are seeking. Understand the laws of attraction. Take actions one day at a time of that which you already are.  Do more of the things you love… inspire someone. Do good.. we all have good nature… too much of the bad just clouds the vision.