You can’t have the the life you desire without being happy with everything now.

A new lesson learned this week for me was to be content with everything.  Sometimes things can be frustrating because they aren’t moving in a pace that we think they should. We start to feel like stuck and inadequate.   Un gratefulness  has a sneaky way of filling our hearts when we become impatient.  Our minds then become clouded with what we don’t have  versus the many wonderful things we that actually matter.
Being happy in the now is the key to getting the fulfilling life that you desire.   It’s almost like a trust lesson with God.  Why would he bless you with more if you can’t be happy and take care of what you have now?  We have to master the things we have now! It will take patience and of course as well as us learning and getting the lessons out of whatever we attain.  Everything is interconnected so pay attention to why things are in your life.  I so recommend having a gratitude journal. It’s one easy way to stay conscious of being grateful… meditation is another way to kind of slow down and accept everything as is.  Once you learn to control your mind it will be alot easier to be content with life. One day at a time.  I too am learning this.  Remember it’s all about the journey not the result!  Affirm that you are content and happy.  Be just that!