I’m the boss, so do what I say.

Many of us have heard this over and over and over.  How many of you are tired of following our supposed to be equipped people into a dark hole? I have felt this many of days.  I have worked in confusion for awhile now.  I would just like to share a little piece of advice with you.  Step back and realize this is only a job! Find your peace from within.  Start doing things that you love to do outside of the workplace. Sometimes this requires us to have a little bit of quiet time… that time while our mind is still is where we find who we truly are and our purposes.   If your current work situation isn’t the ideal nor is it fulfilling your passion, know that this too was a knowledge that you needed to gain.  Every puzzle piece fits together.  The purpose of not quite working in your purpose is to build. Build the skills you will need so that when you’re working in your passion, it’s a breeze.  Also, brainstorm on what you want to be. The sky is the limit!
What is your passion?