Not catching the lesson the first, second or third time around.

We humans put a time limit on everything we do.  Everything seems to be on a time crunch.  We want change and we want it now.  Results are what we all live to see.  What happens when your results aren’t happening as fast as you would like? Do you give up or keep trying? What do you do when redundancy keeps smacking you in the face?

Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones that we experience repeatedly.  The good thing is that each day that you wake up you have the power to do better.  Whatever lesson or struggle you feel is holding you back, you can overcome.  Some helpful things to remember when you notice that you have this struggle over and over is to actually pin point what the struggle is.  Once you find out what and why this obstacle is so hard to overcome you can then begin to take steps toward overcoming.  Even baby steps are great at first.  Baby steps are better than no steps.

To move forward into change, one must take action.

Take charge and don’t give up because things aren’t moving at your desired pace.  That means slow down there is more perspective to gain from the very thing that revisits you.