How does one stay present when we look to tomorrow for nearly everything?  Most of the things that we do or want revolve around tomorrow.  Whether it reliving the past through thought or completing goals for the future; Today always slips away.  Really, today is all we have.  I know everyone has heard the quote,”Live today like it’s your last.”  Living today like it was your last means to enjoy the little things in life.  Most times it is the little things in life the bring tremendous joy.  Counting the little things is one of the ways to stay present with today.  Realistically, what big extraordinary event happens everyday? Creating a way to stay present will not only keep you happy but, give you perspective and allow you to define a new meaning for your life.  One thing that I like to do during the spring and summer months is to listen to the birds chirp in the morning.  It brings about a peace that is unexplainable.  Another strategy I would like to recommend is keeping a gratitude journal.  What this is in a journal that you write in listing things that you are grateful for.  This will allow you to recap your day and reflect on any lessons learned and stay present all at the same time.  This has been really beneficial to me. Even to do this exercise three times a week has made a difference in me staying more present with today.  My third tip in staying present would be prayer and or meditation.  Acknowledging your divine creator and connecting on a spiritual level helps one stay grounded in today because the focus of the mediation or prayer is for what’s needed “NOW”.  Now is a good place to be.  Tomorrow is not promised.  Appreciating today is a major way to improve your life.  Try any of the tips suggested.  It’s a Guarantee that you will be more present minded.