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The Power is in Your Hands

You have the power to create the life you want. Just do it. Envision. Plan. Act!


I’m the boss, so do what I say.

Many of us have heard this over and over and over.  How many of you are tired of following our supposed to be equipped people into a dark hole? I have felt this many of days.  I have worked in confusion for awhile now.  I would just like to share a little piece of advice with you.  Step back and realize this is only a job! Find your peace from within.  Start doing things that you love to do outside of the workplace. Sometimes this requires us to have a little bit of quiet time… that time while our mind is still is where we find who we truly are and our purposes.   If your current work situation isn’t the ideal nor is it fulfilling your passion, know that this too was a knowledge that you needed to gain.  Every puzzle piece fits together.  The purpose of not quite working in your purpose is to build. Build the skills you will need so that when you’re working in your passion, it’s a breeze.  Also, brainstorm on what you want to be. The sky is the limit!
What is your passion?


When you don’t forgive that opens up the door for your unhappiness long term. If you want to be happy,  wipe your hands with what people do to you… you can’t control anyhow. Good never returns void! Let’s all give eachother a break. I know I’ve done things that need to be forgiven. Trust, you’ll find ultimate happiness is forgiving. I can attest to that. It also is one of the many hardest challenges to overcome. Being hurt by someone messes with how we think feel and portray humans as a whole.   The goal is to just get to your higher self and realize it could have easily been you that made the mistake. Fogive. You will thank yourself later.

To forgive is when you begin living!

Don’t become complacent in life! Life changes to quickly for complacency!  Grow, change, inspire! Love be loved! Forgive and be forgiven.  Be who you were created to be. Be the truth! Give life to a dying society! 

Sometimes you have to let it loose.

Sometimes you have to let it loose.

I encourage you to let go of anything not serving your life purpose today! We human sometimes can be emotional hoarders. Hoarding things that do not serve purpose in our lives not only causes clutter in the mind but, also holds us back. Letting go is part of an emotional cleanse. Let go of the things you can NOT change. Change the things that you can. Easier said than done. Unnecessary energy expenditure will drain and confuse you. Keep your path clear by getting rid of anything that is not changing your situation, keeping you down and out, not helping you grow into who you want to become. If you want to win, get rid of what you don’t need. If can’t seem to figure out what needs to go, write a letter of the things in your life that you don’t like. Another thing you could do is get a ziplock bag fill it with water and whatever you want to rid of your life freeze it. This will signify a stop/freeze to the cycle you want to break. Keep in your freezer for 7 days and then get rid of the frozen item. Meditate on who you want become. Day by day become that.

Not catching the lesson the first, second or third time around.

We humans put a time limit on everything we do.  Everything seems to be on a time crunch.  We want change and we want it now.  Results are what we all live to see.  What happens when your results aren’t happening as fast as you would like? Do you give up or keep trying? What do you do when redundancy keeps smacking you in the face?

Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones that we experience repeatedly.  The good thing is that each day that you wake up you have the power to do better.  Whatever lesson or struggle you feel is holding you back, you can overcome.  Some helpful things to remember when you notice that you have this struggle over and over is to actually pin point what the struggle is.  Once you find out what and why this obstacle is so hard to overcome you can then begin to take steps toward overcoming.  Even baby steps are great at first.  Baby steps are better than no steps.

To move forward into change, one must take action.

Take charge and don’t give up because things aren’t moving at your desired pace.  That means slow down there is more perspective to gain from the very thing that revisits you.

Okay, So my last post was about the importance of staying present. Not living in the past is also an important life lesson.  What does the past add to your life by continually trying to reside there?  If it were still meant to be part of your journey it would be your present. Almost seems haunted.  There is a reason that the past is supposed to be left there. Living in the past inhibits one’s growth and the ability to reflect on what lesson came out of any situation.  Triumph to Triumph try making it a goal to focus more on what you learned from the situation versus what happened that you did not like. The past is our teacher. The only way we will grow is moving on from the Past. Image

How does one stay present when we look to tomorrow for nearly everything?  Most of the things that we do or want revolve around tomorrow.  Whether it reliving the past through thought or completing goals for the future; Today always slips away.  Really, today is all we have.  I know everyone has heard the quote,”Live today like it’s your last.”  Living today like it was your last means to enjoy the little things in life.  Most times it is the little things in life the bring tremendous joy.  Counting the little things is one of the ways to stay present with today.  Realistically, what big extraordinary event happens everyday? Creating a way to stay present will not only keep you happy but, give you perspective and allow you to define a new meaning for your life.  One thing that I like to do during the spring and summer months is to listen to the birds chirp in the morning.  It brings about a peace that is unexplainable.  Another strategy I would like to recommend is keeping a gratitude journal.  What this is in a journal that you write in listing things that you are grateful for.  This will allow you to recap your day and reflect on any lessons learned and stay present all at the same time.  This has been really beneficial to me. Even to do this exercise three times a week has made a difference in me staying more present with today.  My third tip in staying present would be prayer and or meditation.  Acknowledging your divine creator and connecting on a spiritual level helps one stay grounded in today because the focus of the mediation or prayer is for what’s needed “NOW”.  Now is a good place to be.  Tomorrow is not promised.  Appreciating today is a major way to improve your life.  Try any of the tips suggested.  It’s a Guarantee that you will be more present minded.